Udan Media & Communication Pvt. Ltd. is conducting the India Agri Progress Expo It is an International Exhibition on dairy and animal husbandry. This Exhibition is a platform to bring together all the stakeholders of the Dairy industry. The companies engaged in Dairy Farming, Dairying, Milk Production & Processing, Packaging Machinery, Cold Chain Technology, Chillers, Cream Separators, Ice cream, Ghee, Butter & other dairy products, Milk Quality & Safety, Artificial Insemination, Cattle Feed Manufacturing, Cattle Feeding and Drinking Equipments Manufacturing, Conveying Systems & Automated Plant Manufacturing, Animal Health Equipment & Drugs Manufacturing, Animal Hygiene, Sanitation, Waste Management Equipment’s Manufacturing, Live Cattle & Meat Processing, Other Livestock Farming etc can showcase their strength, products & services to the participants of this unique Dairy Expo.

Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries under Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of MSMEs, other Central & State Government Ministries and Departments are working vigorously to sustain the achievements of the White Revolution in India. Other Government agencies like National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), National Meat & Poultry Processing Board (NMPPB), NABARD, APEDA, ICAR and Relevant Departments and Dairy Co-operative Societies of the respective State Governments are extending their full fledged support in raising Dairy products & Milk production through commercialization of Dairy farming, raising the level of milk processing, Better Cattle feeds, Animal Health facilities, Sanitation, Hygiene, & Value addition to the raw milk & dairy products for enhancing economic returns and employment generation across the rural India.

This Exhibition is a meeting point for the Policy Makers, Government, Media, Industries & Other stakeholders to share knowledge, discuss problems and presenting solutions for the geometric progression growth of the Dairy sector in India. The primary motive of organizing a show like this is to realize the needs & challenges of the dairy industry and joining hands together to find revolutionary solutions for these problems. We have planned carefully and assure perfect execution of this exhibition so as to bring overriding results for the participants.